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Tax Planning

Included with Tax Preparation:

A tax strategy will be discussed for the next year based on the taxpayer's financial objectives.

Small Business tax strategies developed upon retaining WDEA for tax preparation.

A Certified Tax Expert

Federal Tax Preparation:


Individual Income Taxes

Real Estate - Personal and


Investment Property


Trust and Estates



Working Interests in Gas & Oil

   State Tax Preparation:    

Individual Income Taxes for All States

State of Nevada Taxes:

   Net Proceeds of Minerals Tax

  Real Property Transfer Tax

Personal Property Tax

    Abatement and Deferred Taxes

 Modified Business Tax

Individual Consultation

Consultation for taxpayers requesting representation for resolution on liens, levies and IRS correspondence letters.


Wendy Duefrene is authorized by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to represent clients before the IRS in matters of appeals, collections and audits.

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